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     Johnson-VBC, a packaging machine building company, offers an extensive line of products. Quality, Competitive pricing and service are components Johnson-VBC has focused on for three generations.

     Its roots date back to the beginning of the century. Back in 1901, Johnson Machine Works was a family owned and operated company manufacturing cap lining and assembly machines, cap feeders, filling and labeling machines. On March 5, 1990, Johnson Machine Works became a solely-owned subsidiary of Van Blarcom Closures, Inc. located in Patterson, NJ.

     James Johnson, Director and General Manager, grandson of the founder of Johnson Machine Works, maintains the high standards which have brought Johnson-VBC to the leading edge of the 1990's. Van Blarcom's acquisition of Johnson Machine Works allows the ability to enhance customer service, promote higher standards and create an atmosphere of innovation in the highly competitive machinery business.

     For many decades, Johnson Machine Works has been a major source of bottle cap lining machines and cap feeder systems. In the early 80's, market demands prompted Johnson-VBC to establish Pull Tab Foil liners. The Pull Tab liner, which can be removed by grasping and gently pulling the tab, allows the entire innerseal to be removed without piercing it with your finger or a sharp object. This lowers the risk of contaminating the products. The Pull Tab system prolongs store shelf life, prevents leaking of liquid products and also prevents oxidation resulting in spoilage, loss of flavor and aroma. This major break through enabled companies to once again gain customers' confidence in product purity and integrity.

     Johnson-VBC also offers contract cap lining services. Customers who do not have the cap lining capacity or the machinery to line there own closures, will contract Johnson-VBC to do the job for them. Customers will normally purchase tooling for the machine and be charged a lining cost.

     Johnson-VBC can provide equipment to assemble multiple component parts as well as rebuild existing packaging machinery. The EastPack Show on March 19-21, 1996, in Philadelphia, PA, featured Johnson-VBC's three-punch lining machine and centrifugal cap feeder with computer control system.

     Substantial investment has been made by Van Blarcom to improve quality and create innovative products. Johnson-VBC now produces advanced cap lining and labeling machinery for closures as well as fillers and sealers.

     The parent company, Van Blarcom Closures, Inc. is principally engaged in plastic molding. Privately owned and operated, they have been manufacturing closures since 1924

     Van Blarcom manufactures many styles of child resistant closures for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. In 1995 the released their senior friendly child resistant closure, Saf-Cap III, with a new patented child resistant feature. This new closure requires less application torques then other closures currently available and passes all new child resistant protocol requirements recently mandated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The Saf-Cap III closure utilizes less plastic and combined with new high speed assembly machines manufactured by Johnson-VBC, it allows Van Blarcom to pass on a significant cost savings to there customers.

     They are currently developing their Saf-Cap IV child resistant closure, as well as several custom dispensing systems. Their design group and mold manufacturing facility has the capability of developing unit cavity as well as full production molds on site.

     They are also active in the manufacturing of metal Twist-Off closures and a variety of metal can fitments.

     Van Blarcom is continually upgrading their services and quality, which has been the back bone of their growth. A fully implemented SPC quality program has been in place for several years, they are now working towards ISO-9000 certification.

     Johnson-VBC and Van Blarcom are constantly providing new processes and product features to give their customers the options they need. Flexibility, service and professionalism are what customers demand, and these are what Johnson-VBC and Van Blarcom provide.

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